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DTO is excited to present Discount Wood Outlet. Our goal is to provide the same Quality, Value, and Customer support that we have with Discout Tile Outlet. We have an excellent selection of wood in 3/4 solids to engineered and wood laminates.
Exotic Hardwood Flooring | Tropical Wood Floors
Exotic hardwood flooring is a category referring to all wood species that do not originate from the United States. Exotic hardwoods feature some of the most distinctive looks and substantially strong mechanical characteristics of any wood in the world.

Exotic woods often comes from tropical forests from around the world. As a result, it is important that these woods come from environmentally sustainable sources and are harvested using the most reponsible practices to ensure the health and stability of their environments.

Domestic Hardwood Flooring | Domestic Wood Floors Domestic Hardwood Flooring
Domestic wood floors consist of some of the most beloved and traditional woods in the United States. Oak, Hickory, Maple, and Ash are just a few of the many North American native species that fall into this category.

Domestic hardwoods bring an air of tradition and sophistication to any space they are placed in. They are often well suited to North American climates and therefore dimensionally stable because they are already in their home environment.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring | Prefinished Wood Floors
Prefinished solid hardwood flooring is a popular flooring format. The factory finish applied to the flooring ensurers that "what you see is what you get," as there is no on-site staining or finishing to be done once the floor is already installed. This way, you can be sure of how the flooring will look before it's already installed.

Stop by and see our great selection of both exotics, including Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, and more, as well as domestic prefinished solids like Maple, White Oak, Ash, and many others! With our great selection, you're bound to find the perfect combination of color, texture, and graining for any interior design or style of home or office.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring | Engineered Wood Floors
Engineered flooring is a flooring format that benefits from enhanced dimensional stability and installation location versatility. With a "wear layer" of a premium wood specie, such as Brazilian Cherry, on top of multiple perpendicularly placed plies, the rate of expansion and contraction of the hardwood flooring is greatly reduced. This means less headache, because the possibility of your floor bowing, cupping, or gapping due to these expansions and contractions is greatly reduced.

As one of Portland's largest hard surface stores, you can have the most options at your disposal when choosing both your look and your format. Come by and see our selection for yourself!

Acacia Natural $5.89
Golden Oak   $4.99
Birch Natural
   Sold Out
Jatoba $6.99
HS Birch Chest $5.99
Bamboo Coffee $5.99
     White Oak
Asian Teak $6.29
White Oak Gunstock
HS Acacia Natural             $5.59
White Oak Asian
   Teak  $6.29
Brazillian Cherry